Recent Scholarly Accomplishments from the Department of Psychology

Read about publications, presentations, and grants that members of the Department of Psychology (including faculty and their students) have recently accomplished.

SUNY Brockport Department of Psychology faculty members in bold. An * denotes student author.


  • Desrochers, M.N., & Ratcliff, J.J. (2021). An experimental demonstration of the effect of a label of autism spectrum disorder on perceptions of children’s problem behavior. In Wong, M. S., Weiner, L., Wong, L., & Cerniak, J. (Eds.). Incorporating Diversity in Classroom Settings: Real and Engaging Examples for Various Psychology Courses. The Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2).
  • Margolin, S.J., & Brackins*, T. (2021). I’m not crying, you’re crying: An evaluation of the impact of emotional text on negation comprehension. Reading Psychology.
  • McNall, L.A., Bennett, M.*, & Brown, M.M. (2021). Does trait mindfulness help working college students get more satisfaction? The mediating role of work meaning and work-to-school enrichment. European Journal of Applied Positive Psychology, 5, 1-13.
  • Qiao Chu, Celia.C.Y. Wong, Lingjun Chen, Lilian Shin, Leqi Chen, & Qian Lu. (2020) Self-stigma and quality of life among Chinese American breast cancer survivors: A serial multiple mediation model. Psycho-Oncology. doi: 10.1002/pon.5590
  • Ratcliff, J.J., Minster, K.*, & Monheim, C.* (in press). Engaging students in an online format during the COVID-19 pandemic: A jury voir dire activity. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology.
  • Ratcliff, J.J., Tombari, J.M.*, Miller, A.K., Brand, P.F.*, & Witnauer, J.E. (Online, September 25, 2020). Factors promoting posttraumatic growth in sexual minority adults following adolescent bullying experiences. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.
  • Sarra, S.* & Abar, C.C. (2020). Perceptions of control and disordered eating behaviors during college transitions. Journal of American College Health, in press.


  • Andrus, T.*, Ratcliff, J.J., Minster, K.I. (February 2021). When Potential Allies do (and do not) Confront Anti-Asian Prejudice: Reactions to Expressions of Blatant and Subtle Prejudice During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Virtual Conference.
  • George, B.T.*, Brand, P.F., Earle, C.*, Ratcliff, J.J., & Wong, C.Y. (February, 2021). The Mediational Role of Presence of Meaning and Posttraumatic Growth in Psychological Distress Following Adolescent Bullying. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Virtual Conference.
  • Lipko-Speed, A.R., Wagaman, B.*, Akinyemi, A.*, Wolf, C.*  (2020, November).  An investigation of first-year college students’ metacognitive awareness. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Psychonomic Society
  • Minster, K.I.*, Ratcliff, J.J., & Monheim, C.L.* (February 2021). Posttraumatic Growth in Sexual Minority Adults Following Adolescent Bullying Experiences: The Roles of Disclosure and Challenge to World Views. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Virtual Conference.
  • Monheim, C.L.*, & Ratcliff, J.J. (February 2021). Perceived Social Norms on a College Campus Impact Acceptance of Transgender Students in Gendered Spaces. Annual Conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Virtual Conference.
  • Testone, J.M.*, Andrus, T*. Minster, K.I.*, Stroman-Surita, A.*, & Ratcliff, J.J. (February 2021). When We Speak Up: Factors That Predict Willingness to Confront Expressions of Racial Prejudice. Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Virtual Conference.


  • Brand, P.* & Ratcliff, J.J. (2020). The morality of mortality: A Terror Management explanation for perceived atheist immorality and anti-atheist prejudice. Psi Chi Mamie Phipps Clark Diversity Research Grant ($2,940).

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Laurel McNall:

Posted: February 22, 2021