Prevention & Outreach Services has Rebranded

In order to be in tune with current needs and national trends, Prevention and Outreach Services has changed its name to Health Promotion and Prevention Education.

As part of our benchmarking activities to ensure that the department is in alignment with both SUNY and national trends, the former Prevention and Outreach Services has undertaken a rebranding project. 

The aim of this effort was to ensure that the proactive health education work undertaken by the department was accurately demonstrated in its name.  Our new name, Health Promotion and Prevention Education (HPPE) is reflective of the pro-social health skills that we aim to cultivate in SUNY Brockport’s students. While outreach remains a core tenet our work, skills-building rooted in national best practice is the primary goal of our work, and the department is confident that this update will help students best understand what we do.

2022 is the 25th Anniversary of the Women’s Center’s founding at SUNY Brockport.  Originally created under the auspices of the Research Foundation, the Women’s Center eventually moved to EMSA and rebranded as the Center for Women and Gender. To best consider the intersectional identities and complex needs of our students, particularly our LGBTQIA+ students, the department identified a name that illustrates the ongoing evolution of gender and sexualities equity work. The Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CGSD), as the area is now named, undertakes a comprehensive programming and support services agenda that continues to grow and expand - ensuring that the voices and stories of all students are heard.  

Look out for an official invite to the CGSD’s Grand Opening later this semester.

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Posted: September 13, 2022