Campus Fire Drills Will Be Held During the Week of September 12

Fire drills will be held during the week of September 12 in academic and administrative buildings campus-wide. Due to the closure of parking lots along Residence Drive, some designated assembly areas for building evacuations have changed.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the “Fire and Other Emergencies Requiring Building Evacuation” policy, and the locations of designated assembly areas for the buildings that you frequent on campus.

The following buildings have had their designated assembly areas relocated due to campus construction:

  • A.W. Brown: Mall between Dailey and Hazen
  • Benedict: Mall in front of Gordon
  • Bramley: Mall in front of Harrison
  • Briggs: Mall in front of Harrison
  • Brockway: Mall between Thompson and Edwards
  • MacVicar: Mall between Edwards and McLean
  • McLean: Mall between Edwards and McLean
  • McFarlane: Mall between McFarlane and Hazen
  • Harmon: Mall in front of Harmon
  • Thompson: Mall between Edwards and Thompson

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Elizabeth Gregory (

Posted: September 08, 2022