EagleSUCCESS Tip: Update your EagleSUCCESS Schedule

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Make sure your office hours are set the way you want them for students this semester. We recommend you set office hours to end at the end of the semester and revisit them each semester.

Check out the “Setup Your Schedule” video for editing or first-time setup instructions on our Youtube channel. Next watch the “Sync your Outlook Calendar with your EagleSUCCESS Schedule” video to avoid double-booking. If your meeting availability can change from week to week the video Use the Scheduling Wizard” is for you! The scheduling wizard feature is also helpful for adding random office hours to your recurring schedule during times in the semester when student demand is higher.

If you set up your schedule to never end, you can edit that by hovering over the clock icon on a block of time in your calendar you wish to edit. In the popup screen choose “edit”. At the bottom of the next screen choose the “Start/end Date” tab. We recommend using “End of Term” as the end date.

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Please contact EagleSUCCESS@brockport.edu with any questions.

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