Historian Presents at XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences

Alan Lomax, folklorist, ethnomusicologist, documentarian, ca. 1985.
Dr. Michael J. Kramer, Assistant Professor of History, presented a virtual talk, “Alan Lomax’s Transatlantic Ballad: The Modern & the Traditional in Alan Lomax’s Song Performance Style Studies” at the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences, held in Poznań, Poland.

The talk comes from his current research for his book manuscript The Garden in the Machine: Folk Music & Technology, 1900-Present. It links to his collaborative digital work on the editorial board of an international project, Transatlantic Cultures, which involves historians and scholars from Brazil, France, Senegal, the US, the UK, and elsewhere writing online about topics in transatlantic cultural history.

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Michael J. Kramer (mkramer@brockport.edu)

Posted: September 14, 2022