Registration Open for Fall 2023 Faculty Learning Communities

Three faculty learning communities (FLC) are now recruiting members. An FLC is a structured community of practice committed by faculty and staff who want to enhance teaching, learning, scholarship, and well-being as part of the Brockport community.

Registration will remain open until the FLCs are filled (12 members).

Dare to Dream

Facilitated by Lauren Lieberman (KSSPE)

Many faculty have hopes and dreams for their careers. They may often begin their journey but not know how to navigate the system to get what they want out of their careers. Research and experience have shown that a supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable community can make a huge difference in the trajectory of a person’s career. These faculty will also learn what they have in common related to teaching, research, and service and may choose to collaborate.

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Trauma Informed Care in Higher Education

Facilitated by Kerrie Gianvecchio (Healthcare Studies)

We all have a story; students, faculty and staff. Those stories impact our lives in many different ways both positively and negatively. We carry those stories around with us and our memories and perceptions of those stories impact our behaviors and reactions today. The trauma-informed care faculty learning community is an opportunity for faculty from across campus to gain understanding about how our past stories impact the campus community.

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Faculty Writing 

Facilitated by Vista Beasley (KSSPE)

This FLC will give faculty a designated, distraction-free, structured time and quiet space to write for scholarship. The primary goal of this FLC is to build a sense of community and accountability, so that writing for scholarship endeavors is less solitary.

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