Faculty Can Now Enroll TA’s, Graders & Other Faculty to Brightspace Courses

As the Brightspace system evolves, changes are happening every day. Faculty now have the ability to add participants to their courses.

Faculty can now add Teaching Assistants (TA), Graders, and other Instructors to their Brightspace courses.

How to Add Participants:

  1. Log into your Brightspace course shell
  2. Select “Course Tools” in the navigation bar
  3. Select “Roster”
  4. Select the “Add Participants” button drop-down
  5. Click “Add existing users”
  6. Under the Add Existing Users section, type the last name – preferably the NetID – of the individual to be added and click on the magnifying glass (or hit Enter/Return)
    1. *IMPORTANT* – make sure you are adding the correct user to your course
  7. Place a checkmark in the first column next to the user’s name
  8. In the “Role” column, select a role from the “Select a Role” drop-down
    1. Choices are:
      1. BRO – Instructor (Non-Cascading) – will have full access to everything in the course
      2. BRO – Grader (Non-Cascading) – will have access to all content and grading capabilities
      3. BRO – Teaching Assistant (Non-Cascading) – will only have access to course content
  9. In the “Section” Column (if present), you will want to select from the “Select a Section” drop-down the course you are currently trying to add the person to. This is primarily for courses that have been merged
  10. Select the “Enroll Select Users” button to submit the request

How to Remove Participants from your course:

  1. Send an email to CourseDesign@Brockport.edu with the following information
    1. 4-Digit CRN number
    2. Name of the person to be unenrolled

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Author: ASIS & CELT



Posted: August 31, 2022