Updates from the Department of Criminal Justice

Catch up with the Department of Criminal Justice including recent publications, research, and appointments, as well as their plans for the upcoming academic year.
  • The Department of Criminal Justice welcomes Dr. Katharina Neissl to their faculty. Dr. Neissl comes from Northeastern University where she completed her dissertation on the importance of gender and race/ethnicity in juvenile court decision-making. 
  • Dr. MoonSun Kim continues to serve as Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice. He recently conducted evaluation research with his expertise in geo-spatial data analysis and law enforcement.
  • Dr. Ann Bunch was elected this year to serve as the president of the Forensic Specialties Accreditation Board (FSAB). The FSAB accredits forensic specialty certification boards using international (ISO/IEC) standards.
  • Dr. Kumar Korni has a research focus in the areas of homicide, police practices, correctional practices and, more recently, exploring the dilemmas of reentry. 
  • Dr. Bora Lee has researched topics related to juvenile delinquency and victimization. Her recent research examples perceived parenting style and delinquent behavior among Korean children.
  • Dr. Haci Duru has published papers on terrorism and police corruption in the past year, and his most recent article on police corruption used an agent-based simulation model.
  • Dr. Andrew Baranauskas has conducted research on public opinion towards policies such as arming teachers, defunding the police, and protest policing.
  • Dr. Joseph Cochran has been working on research related to modeling police corruption and terrorist recruitment using agent-based modeling.

If anyone is interested in Criminal Justice or the work of the department’s faculty, do not hesitate to reach out.

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Andrew Baranauskas: abaranauskas@brockport.edu

Posted: August 31, 2022