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Graduate students (Thomas Blower, Colin Clark, Nicholas Farese, and Jarrod Ludwig) and Alumni (Aa...

Graduate students (Thomas Blower, Colin Clark, Nicholas Farese, and Jarrod Ludwig) and Alumni (Aaron Heisey and Matthew Futia) alongside Dr. Jacques Rinchard attended and presented their research at the 152nd Annual Meeting of the American Fisheries Society held in Spokane, Washington.

The meeting brought together professionals from across North American and countries around the world under the theme of “What do fish mean to us?” with the aim of advancing the science of fisheries ecology, conservation, and management.

Oral presentations:

  • Blowers, T., Tillitt, D., Lantry, B., and Rinchard, J. The Great Lakes lake trout thiamin monitoring program: Trends and ecological connections.
  • Clark, C., Futia, M., Marsden, E., and Rinchard, J. Do wild lake trout eggs and free embryos acquire thiamin during development?
  • Farese, N., Wells, S., and Rinchard, J. Biochemical and isotopic tracers to assess Otsego Lake lake trout diet.
  • Futia, M., and Rinchard, J. Change is the only constant: altered food webs influence thiamin deficiency.

Poster presentations:

  • Heisey, A., Osborne, C., Futia, M., Lantry, B., Goretske, J., and Rinchard, J. Variability in lake trout egg thiamin concentration from Lake Ontario.
  • Ludwig, J., Lipscomb, T., Mantua, N., Jeffres, C., Johnson, R.C., Field, J., Finney, B., Foott, S., Kwak, K., Tillitt, D., Williams, T., and Rinchard, J. Assessing diets of California Chinook salmon populations using fatty acid profiles.
  • Rinchard, J., Futia, M., Henry, M., Barber, D., and Kielbasinski, T. Monitoring thiamin deficiency in Lake Ontario steelhead trout.

Dr. Rinchard also co-chaired a symposium titled “Mechanisms and impacts of thiamin deficiency in fish species across aquatic ecosystems” and co-authored six additional oral presentations.

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Jacques Rinchard: jrinchar@brockport.edu

Posted: August 28, 2022