Two-Minute SAS-to-Class Announcements

We’d love to stop by your class and make a two-minute announcement about Student Accessibility Services (SAS).

We’d LOVE to pop-in and introduce SAS to your class.  Below are the bullet points that we’ll provide to your students:

  • 1:4 people have disabilities, so if this doesn’t apply to you today, it will apply to someone you know or will know someday (or you, if you obtain a temporary injury)
  • SAS supports students with disabilities - the top five are Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Medical Conditions, and more
  • We provide extra time on tests in a separate location, a really cool app for note-taking, personalized academic coaching, and more

Then we’ll leave the students with a QR code business card to register, reference, or share with a friend. 

We are available for evening or night classes too!  Please email us at to arrange.  

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Nikki Hall:

Posted: August 27, 2022