Kelsey Mahoney

Women and Gender Studies

Kelsey served as an AmeriCorps*Vista Volunteer in Missoula, Montana, with the Women’s Foundation of Montana. Kelsey’s project focused on their PowerHouse Montana initiative, a website that connects female Montanan businesswomen and entrepreneurs with mentors and resources. Kelsey currently is attending the University of St. Joseph School of Counseling (West Hartford, CT).


Honors and Awards

  • Triota Honor Society, Spring 2014
  • Tau Sigma Honor Society, Fall 2014

“I feel so prepared for this position because of everything WMS taught me. My Vista training included causes of poverty and solutions, and I sat there feeling like I was back in Gender, Race, and Class. I just wanted to start quoting Peggy McIntosh. Vista in general is a good follow-up to the WMS Program since its aim is eliminating poverty and we study so much about it. Thanks so much for everything, Dr. LeSavoy!”

- Kelsey Mahoney

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