Miguel Baique

Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Healthcare Management Emphasis

Hometown: Queens, NY

Undergraduate College & Major: I attended the State University of New York (SUNY) at Geneseo. I graduated with a BA in Sociology and a BA in Communication.

Current Occupation: Area Director in Residential Life, Nazareth College

Previous Occupation: Transitional Opportunity Program (TOP) Counselor, SUNY Geneseo

How and why did you decide to apply for SUNY Brockport MPA program?

I am a huge believer in the SUNY system; affordable tuition and a great educational experience. Working in Rochester, NY, I wanted to pursue a Masters nearby so that I could work and study at the same time. During my “gap year” (after finishing up my undergraduate degree) I was looking into programs that deemed fit to my interests. I always knew that I wanted to serve the public; “leave my mark” before my time. A Masters in Public Administration seemed like the perfect program! I spoke to a friend who was enrolled in the program, and she seemed to love her experience. I applied to the program and chose to go into the healthcare emphasis. One of my goals in life is to work with the HIV/AIDS population. I want to be able to produce policies or programs that help the HIV/AIDS population progress and get away from negative historical stigmas.

What have you enjoyed most about the program so far?

So far, the MPA program has been great! The faculty and staff are pleasant and knowledgeable; the student body seems driven and eager; and the classes are eye-opening and rewarding. I really enjoy the discussion component in many of my classes. As a person who likes to learn, listen, and observe, I find people’s opinions and thoughts intriguing! While at times classmates may debate on personal views, discussions are handled appropriately and I believe this is healthy in shaping our worldview. I learn just as much from my peers than from my professors! I have learned many valuable lessons from class that I am sure I will utilize in any setting I am in.

What are your future goals?

I constantly try to imagine myself in the next 5-10 years—such a blurry vision! I wish I was able to take on everything I am interested in, but I know I need to think realistically. After finishing this program, I want to start my career in the “healthcare world”. I want to get into an organization that holds a mission to better the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS. While I focus on my career, I will also be studying for the LSAT and/or the GRE. Law school or obtaining a PhD is my end goals in terms of education. Honestly, my overall goal is just to make an impact on society before my time is up. I hope that I can help society progress in some way, shape, or form.

What advice do you have for future students?

You are about to embark on a journey that will change your worldview. Invest in the program, in your professors, in your peers, and in yourself. Investing your time will not only guarantee a wealth of knowledge, but also new perspectives, new attitudes, and new behaviors that will only benefit you and your future. Always remember that you are not being forced to obtain your masters; you chose to take on this route, so find pleasure in all aspects of this journey even when you are at your lowest—there is always beauty in the struggle! Remind yourself, from whatever upbringing you came from; from whatever path you ever walked on; you decided to take on Brockport’s MPA program and you deserve to be here. Welcome, good luck, and never give up.

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Posted: August 24, 2022