General Education Program Revision

The General Education Review Committee’s report is available online for your review. Read the report to preview the three proposed models for the new program that will be presented in Senate at the start of the semester.

In May 2022, the Provost created and charged the General Education Review Committee to review Brockport’s current general education program and revise it based on SUNY’s 2021 General Education Framework, adhering as closely as possible to the new framework with a focus on the student experience. 

Working through the summer months, the committee reviewed thoroughly the 2022 Senate Ad-Hoc General Education (SAGE) Working Group Report and its 30 recommendations as well as the December 2021 SUNY Memorandum to Presidents containing policy and guidance for the new framework and used insights from these reports to design three GEP models that aim to provide students with a meaningful general education experience that is contemporary and consistent with national practices.

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Donna Wilkerson-Barker:

Posted: August 23, 2022