Virtual Permitting Coming Soon

A virtual permit means your license plate serves as the parking permit. Beginning next spring semester, physical permits will not be issued.

Your Plate is Your Permit! Beginning in the spring semester, Parking & Transportation Services will begin using License Plate Recognition (LPR) — a virtual permit system that allows you to use your license plate as your permit. Physical permits will no longer be issued.

You will enter your license plate information in the parking portal, which will then be associated with your vehicle(s) or motorcycle and authorizes parking in a specific lot(s).

This exciting initiative supports the college’s sustainability initiatives by eliminating the plastic hangtags, printed receipts, and mailing envelopes. The use of LPR will also prevent permit loss, theft and forgery. No more worrying about obtaining temporary permits, transferring your permit between vehicles, distractions while driving, and/or violations related to permits not being properly displayed!

PTS staff will work with event hosts on best option for our guests and visitors. More information will be shared in the coming weeks.


  1. Ensure your vehicle and plate information is accurate via the parking portal.
    • Please refrain from using spaces and dashes when entering the license plate information.
  2. The pay station located in Lot V (SERC) now requires a license plate number. You will longer need to walk back to your vehicle to display the receipt.
  3. The pay station located in Lot T no longer accepts cash.
  4. The ParkMobile app is accepted at both pay stations.

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