Register for the New Password Reset System for Account Recovery

This fall our password reset system will be changing. Make sure to register for the new password reset system (SSPR) for account recovery.  This is a one time registration process to make sure you can recover access to your Brockport account if you get locked out once we switch to the new system.

BITS has been hard at work implementing best practice security features to help keep your Brockport account secure. Because of all of these new features we are able to begin using the Microsoft Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) system for password changes and account recovery. 

Registration was turned on for the new system Tuesday, July 26.  You can use these instructions to complete the one time registration process: Enrolling in Self Service Password Reset (SSPR). This new system will allow you to take advantage of your existing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) methods to help reset your own password if you get locked out. This will not require you to use both methods each time you log in. 

While only two verification methods are required to register for SSPR and reset your password, we encourage you to set up as many as you can. This will help ensure you have access to at least two methods in the event need to reset your password. 

Please keep an eye out on the Daily Eagle and the BITS Newsletter for when the SSPR system is enabled for password resets. 

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Posted: August 01, 2022