All Fall 2022 Courses are Now Available in Brightspace

All Fall 2022 courses have been loaded into Brightspace effective August 1, 2022. Every faculty member assigned to teach this fall can log into Brightspace to see their empty course shells. Brightspace can be accessed through Quicklinks on Brockport’s main website.

Important points about courses in Brightspace:

  • Be aware that courses may appear in both Brightspace and Blackboard. You will want to communicate to your students which system (Brightspace or Blackboard) you intend to teach from.
  • Courses will not be available to students in Brightspace until one (1) week before the session begins and will automatically open.
  • If you have submitted a ticket to have your classes in Brightspace, IT will deactivate your courses in Blackboard. This is intended to minimize any confusion your students may experience.
  • Teaching faculty will automatically be enrolled in the SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Online Training course in your Brightspace My Courses widget.
    • This eight (8) module course provides an overview of Brightspace at your own pace. You can choose which topic(s) are relevant to you.
    • Participants who successfully complete all assessments in each module will earn a Brightspace Fundamentals Certificate and Badge from the SUNY Center for Professional Development.
  • The Brightspace Community is an excellent resource.
  • Brightspace has videos on YouTube
  • SUNY offers additional resources at their Digital Learning Environment (DLE) site, such as course templates, webinar recordings, trainings, and FAQ’s.
  • Brockport’s Academic Systems & Instructional Support (ASIS) team is here to support you. To schedule click Request Appointment With An Instructional Designer.
  • Non-teaching faculty do not yet have access to Brightspace. Brockport IT and SUNY continue to work on a resolution for this.
  • Use the Blackboard and Brightspace Support form to notify BITS of any glitches, errors, or inconsistencies you might experience while reviewing or working on your Brightspace courses.  Keep in mind that the look and feel of Brightspace functionality could change as BITS continues to apply updates. 

**Blackboard will become unavailable at 11:59 pm on December 21, 2022. That means there is no possible way to access the Blackboard system after 12 am on December 22, 2022. BITS will have Blackboard content archived and will be migrating courses from Blackboard into Brightspace.

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Author: ASIS & CELT


Posted: August 01, 2022