Traci Davis-Taylor

BS in Social Work

After years of working within a mental health setting I wanted to learn more about mental illness and more specifically, I wanted to provide services to under-represented populations (i.e. people of color). I felt there was a strong need for service providers of color therefore I chose to return to school and major in social work.

Brockport was my first and only choice. The percentage of clinicians whom I respected and learned so much from received the Social Work degrees from Brockport.

The most valuable part of being a Brockport BSW major was the opportunity to complete my field placement abroad. Studying Spanish in Costa Rica and working as an social work intern in a geriatric hospital provided me the opportunity to take skills and acquired knowledge learned in the classroom and apply it to real-life practice. This experience allowed me to grow professionally and personally—It took me out of my comfort zone by seeing the world, poverty, and mental illness from a new perspective different from a U.S. perspective. Ultimately, my internship experience helped me to think “outside of the box” by enhancing my assessment skills toward individuals and the affects of their living situations.

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Posted: July 29, 2022