Women & Gender Studies Students Publish Volume 11 of Dissenting Voices

Dissenting Voices is a faculty-reviewed Ejournal featuring capstone projects of Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar students. Associate Professor of Women and Gender Studies Dr. Barb LeSavoy is faculty and Editor in Chief and the Managing Editor is Pat Maxwell, BITS Project Manager.

Dissenting Voices volume 11 introduces five brilliant authors who studied and wrote in an unprecedented learning context where the COVID pandemic continued to rage in the background, gender and racial injustice persisted and emerged anew in state and nation politics, and a tragic military war broke out as Russia invaded Ukraine. The volume cover, a collaborative word art design representative of each essay topic, and the Pride and Ukraine flag imprint on the back binding, captures this spirit and context as enacted across shifting geographies of person and place.

Student authors and the WGS Department dedicated V. 11 to Dr. LeSavoy, writing:  “…with sincere appreciation and respect, we therefore dedicate volume eleven of Dissenting Voices to Barbara LeSavoy— our teacher, mentor, colleague, and supporter.”

Editorial Board Members:

  • Milo Obourn, Professor and Chair,  Department of Women and Gender Studies
  • Kristen Proehl, Associate Professor, Department of English
  • Meredith Roman, Associate Professor, Department of History
  • Pat Maxwell, Bits Project Manager
  • Tristan S. Bridges, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara. 

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Barb LeSavoy: blesavoy@brockport.edu

Posted: July 28, 2022