Meet with a Fidelity Workplace Financial Consultant

Fidelity understands that you are busy managing multiple financial priorities, which can make planning for retirement a challenge. As a leading retirement provider to higher education institutions, Fidelity is committed to helping you plan for a future that’s unique to you.

Meet with Fidelity one-on-one, and you’ll be able to tap into the education, resources, and support that only a trusted partner can provide. Plus, a consultation over the phone or by video conference with a Fidelity representative is at no additional cost to you as an employee benefit.

Your Workplace Financial Consultants are ready to help you address many questions, including:

  • Am I investing properly?
  • Am I on track with my retirement savings?
  • How do I bring my retirement savings together?

Schedule an appointment with a Workplace Financial Consultant

  1. Select “Schedule a time to meet”
  2. Enter “SUNY” for Employer Name
  3. Select Appointment Type
  4. Choose date and register

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Posted: July 26, 2022