Looking to get Active? Join the Canalway Challenge

Handcycle and Walker with Dog
The Canalway Challenge is a free, individualized activity that allows one to strive for their personal mileage goal by – cycling, paddling, running, hiking, or walking along New York’s canals.

Annually, Walk! Bike! Brockport! Action Group organizes a community challenge encouraging members of the greater Brockport community to get active by participating in the Canalway Challenge. See the attached document on the EASY three step sign up process.

Participants choose their mileage goal, 15 Miler/ 90 Miler / 180 Miler/ 360 End-To-Ender / 1 Mile Challenge, to complete before the end of the season from May 1 to October 31.

Last year, 20 members joined our community challenge and surpassed our goal of 3,810 miles by logging a total of 3,875 miles! Most participants engage in cycling, are between 50-69 years old (with the youngest at age 8 and the oldest at age 83), and many chose to pledge 90 or 360 miles for their challenge as per last year’s overall data results. You chose your personal mileage goal and how to accomplish it.

Those who complete their challenge (at any goal) receive a Canalway Challenge bandana, along with your specific mileage sticker, a magnet, and a certificate.

Use join code “62616b55” to participate in the greater Brockport community W!B!B! 2022 challenge. Participants choose their own mileage goal which is then counted toward the W!B!B! 2022 challenge.

Want to learn more about Walk!Bike!Brockport!? Visit our website and “Like” on Facebook. 

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Garrett W. Roe: groe@brockport.edu

Posted: July 08, 2022