Parking Update: Lot E Added to Express Shuttle

With Residence Drive offline for the 2022-23 academic year, Parking & Transportation has added convenient campus-wide stops for it’s new Express Shuttle service.

In accordance with the work being done on Residence Drive, and parking lots P, Q and R being offline, we have added Lot E as a stop on the Express Shuttle in order to best accomodate employees working in the Albert W. Brown Building. 

As a reminder: Employees who typically park on campus weekdays during standard business hours will be impacted by the loss of parking. In order to accommodate both residential and commuter students, we are strongly encouraging Brockport employees to sign up for our Express Shuttle. This is the best way to minimize disruption for yourself AND our students. 

Express Shuttle Details

  • Purchase a parking permit in Lot X (west end of campus). 
  • By signing up for this service, you will not have to hunt for parking.
  • Discounted Rate: 2022-23 parking permit rate reduced by $25.80 (FREE for union-represented employees).
  • Shuttle will run 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, Monday – Friday in a 10-15-minute continuous loop (when classes are in session).
  • Stops at:
    • Lot X
    • Allen Administration/SERC
    • corner of Kenyon & Residence Drive
    • Lot E (NEW!)
  • Lot X permit-holders will be given six day passes for use throughout the academic year. 
  • Lot X permit-holders will be allowed to park on campus when classes are not in full session (mid semester break, winter break, summer, etc.), after 5:30 pm Monday - Thursday, after 2 pm on Fridays, and on weekends.

All other parking permits will be available for purchase via the parking portal beginning June 22. You are strongly encouraged to purchase a permit by July 1. Employees represented by a collective bargaining unit will be assessed a registration fee of $25.80 for the 2022-23 academic year. If you request two permits or transfer the hangtag to another vehicle, an additional $5 is required. Those not represented by a collective bargaining unit, including but not limited to Research Foundation, BSG, and BCDC, will be required to pay $164.70, which includes a non-refundable registration fee. For an additional permit, please add $25.80.

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Rebecca Jackson:

Posted: June 20, 2022