Physics Student & Faculty Present at National Conference

Physics undergraduate student, Colin Steiner, presented a virtual poster at the 240th American Astronomical Society Meeting.

Colin is mentored by Dr. Ka-Wah Wong, Assistant Professor of Physics. The AAS meeting is held at Pasadena, CA, between June 11 and 16, 2022, with more than 2000 in-person and virtual participants. AAS meetings are the largest professional astronomical meetings in the US well attended by astronomers/astrophysicists around the world.

Steiner, C. (SUNY Brockport), Wong, K.-W. (SUNY Brockport), Lin, D. (Northeastern University), Irwin, J. (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa), and Nemmen, R. (University of Sao Paulo), “NuSTAR Observation of the TeV-Detected Radio Galaxy: 3C 264”.

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Ka-Wah Wong:

Posted: June 13, 2022