Get to Know an Addictions & Behavioral Health Alum

Q & A with Tiana D’Aries about her coursework at Brockport, internship at Strong Recovery, and her future plans.

1. Is there a faculty/staff member that has made an impact on you?
The whole Addictions and Behavioral Health faculty were fantastic!

2. How would you describe your academic experience?
My academic experience was great! I met a lot of wonderful people through different classes that I’ve taken.

3. Is there a specific course that stands out? If yes, why?
I honestly loved all of my Addictions and Behavioral Health courses. There were fewer students in these courses, so faculty really got to know you on an individual level. Group counseling was great!

4. What would you tell a future student interested in your field of study?
Sometimes figuring out exactly what you want to do in the field can be hard since there’s so many different options and they all seem so similar. Having this program at a undergrad level is great because it sets you up well for the future. It’s definitely worth taking the courses. My favorite part about the program was the clinical internship during the last semester. Through the Addictions and Behavioral Health program, you are eligible for the Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) certification. 

5. What are your plans after graduation?
I am starting a doctoral program for clinical psychology at Roberts Wesleyan! I plan on getting a part-time job in the field while going to Roberts.

6. Have you taken part in any research/internships?
I interned at the U of R, Strong Recovery. This was a clinical internship, meaning a full semester, at 40 hours/week. This internship was very eye-opening and rewarding. During my internship, I participated in:

  • individual counseling sessions
  • group sessions
  • intake/evaluations
  • crisis management
  • milieu management
  • team meetings
  • medical assisted treatment
  • medical documentation
  • family programing
  • and more.

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