Brightspace Access Now Available for Summer or Fall 2022 Faculty

Faculty scheduled to teach this Summer or Fall can log into Brockport’s new Brightspace Learning Management System to access training modules. If faculty want to work in a development shell, have a course imported into Brightspace, or adopt Brightspace for their Fall 2022 courses, then an IT Service Desk request must be submitted.

Summer or Fall teaching faculty can now log into Brightspace and navigate the new LMS environment, which currently includes training resources, announcements, and the “My media” link to their Kaltura media library.

Faculty who want to experiment with Brightspace features and functions without affecting actual courses can submit a Course Development Shell Request. A Course Development Shell will contain placeholders to help define the structure of a course.

Specific courses will only appear in Brightspace if faculty submit a request for Brightspace Fall 2022 Course Shell or Import. Please submit your request as soon as possible. You will be notified by email when your request is fulfilled.

Brightspace is receiving positive reviews from our summer pilot faculty, who report they are enjoying their experience with the user-friendly interface.

Plan to be a Fall 2022 adopter! Brockport ITS needs to know who wants to teach within Brightspace in the Fall so that Banner can be modified to populate course and enrollments in Brightspace. To date, over 150 requests have been submitted, approximately 10% of all courses. Please submit your requests as soon as possible.


When will faculty/staff who are not course instructors get access to Brightspace?

ANSWER: A future release of the SUNY Student Information System integration code will provide support for adding non-teaching users into Brightspace. The release date is currently TBD.

Will new faculty and adjuncts use Brightspace in the Fall?

ANSWER: Yes, Deans’ offices are recommending that new faculty and adjuncts use Brightspace.

There are so many training options! Where do I start?


  • Self-Paced. The SUNY DLE Brightspace Fundamentals Asynchronous Training Modules are available now in your My Courses widget. Log into your Brightspace account to get started.
  • Trainer-lead sessions. SUNY Center for Professional Development (CPD) has created a Training Path Self-Assessment survey to help you pick the most efficient pace for your Brightspace training. Answering the questions on the survey will result in a recommended training track that best fits your expertise and comfort level with technology. Register early; classes are filling up fast.

Will there be an option to merge multiple sections of one course in Brightspace like there is in Blackboard?

ANSWER: Yes, submit a Request to Merge Course. The registrar must approve the request according to FERPA guidelines.

Why do I need to change to Blackboard?

ANSWER: Our campus contract with Blackboard ends as of December 22, 2022. The migration from Blackboard is part of a larger SUNY initiative to implement a common Digital Learning Environment (DLE) across SUNY. Brightspace LMS will serve as the hub of the DLE for a common look and feel for students, faculty and staff who learn and teach at multiple SUNY institutions.

What is my Department’s plan for transitioning?

ANSWER: Connect with your department chair for more information.

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Author: CELT & ASIS


Posted: June 01, 2022