Chemistry Professors Publish with Student Co-Authors

Sarah Saputo and Carly Reed (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) each co-authored a publication with their students.

Sarah Saputo, with student co-author Mckenzie Tu, published,” From Beginning to End: Expanding the SERINC3 Interactome Through an in silico Analysis” in a recent issue of the peer-reviewed, open-access Bioinformatics and Biology Insights. The exploration of the SERINC3, a cargo protein important for cellular trafficking,  began as a one-semester high-impact teaching practice. The semester revealed an important question to be investigated, ultimately leading to a publication. DOI:

Carly Reed, in collaboration with Robert Garner and student co-authors David Santos and An Vu (University of the Incarnate Word) and William Brennessel (University of Rochester), published, “Synthesis, crystal structure, electrochemical properties, and photophysical characterization of ruthenium(II) 4,4′-dimethoxy-2,2′-bipyridine polypyridine complexes,”  in a recent issue of the peer-reviewed Journal of Coordination Chemistry. In this study, modifications of the structure of ruthenium(II) coordination complexes were explored to optimize ligand stability in aqueous solution while promoting low energy, high quantum yield emission, for application in luminescent sensors.  DOI:

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Carly Reed:

Posted: May 26, 2022