Political Science Students & Legal Professionals Engage in Mock Trial

On May 10, Christine Seppeler’s Mock Trial class was able to demonstrate what they have learned by participating in a mock trial for a fictional lawsuit alleging wrongful death and premises liability.

Christine Seppeler conveyed, “The students delivered opening statements, examined both fact and expert witnesses and argued the evidence in their closing statements before a mock jury.  A State Supreme Court Justice presided over the case, and several legal professionals (lawyers and administrators) from the Rochester area served as mock jurors and evaluators. Several students passionately played the role of witnesses. 

At the conclusion of the trial, the mock jurors provided feedback to each of the mock attorneys. And, as an additional benefit, all students present had an opportunity to network and speak with the guests to learn about their respective areas of legal practice, law school experience, and discuss general advice about pursuing a legal career.”  

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Dawn Kurtz: dkurtz@brocport.edu

Posted: May 26, 2022