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Welcome to Brockport Today — SUNY Brockport’s news and information hub. Brockport Today was created to provide a centralized home for the most relevant news and information pertaining to our campus community. We suggest making it the home page on your Internet browser.

Each day, you’ll find the most pertinent content that has been submitted to our news portal — whether it’s an item that was in the Daily Eagle e-mail newsletter or an item that will appear on an office or departmental website. You’ll also find the most recent content created by the Office of College Communications — news, feature stories, social media, videos, and more.

What Happened to the Daily Eagle Website?

Brockport Today has taken the place of the previous Daily Eagle website. Why does it have a new name? Because it’s a new product with a different purpose. The Daily Eagle email newsletter has been a staple in the SUNY Brockport community for more than a decade. However, its website served only as a place most visited to find items they had previously seen in the email newsletter. Brockport Today strives to be a web destination our community wants to regularly visit.

Will I continue to get the Daily Eagle email newsletter? Will it function the same way?

The Daily Eagle email newsletter will absolutely continue, with a fresh and streamlined look. We’ve added a reminders section for items that have already appeared once, making it easier for a reader to identify what’s new.

The only difference our community will experience is through the submission process:

When submitting your content, you will be given an opportunity to share/promote it. You can suggest your content to any other news hub/calendar on Brockport.edu and/or submit it to the Daily Eagle email newsletter. A video tutorial is available on the submission pages to walk you through this process.

Can I still find an old Daily Eagle item?

Beginning Feb. 15, Daily Eagle email newsletters will be archived on Brockport Today. All items that have been submitted through the news portal, including items that appeared in the Daily Eagle email newsletter, since Feb. 15 can be accessed through the Brockport Today search function. If you are looking for an item that appeared in the Daily Eagle email newsletter prior to Feb. 15 you can search the Daily Eagle archives.

How is the Brockport Today website different than the Daily Eagle website?

We’ve frequently heard from readers that the Daily Eagle email newsletter isn’t read by some members of our community because it’s overwhelming. They say it contains too much content or information that is not relevant to them. As a result, these individuals miss important news and information. Because Brockport Today is curated by the Office of College Communications, that important content will be easier to find. It also serves as a centralized home for the creative content generated by College Communications. This content has most frequently delivered through social media. But we know that all members of our community use social media. That’s why we’ve included SUNY Brockport’s Instagram and Twitter feeds on Brockport Today.

We hope Brockport Today serves as a useful tool that helps you feel connected with the SUNY Brockport community. We are grateful to our partners at White Whale Web Services, who provide the platform for both Brockport Today and our campus events calendar. As with the launch of any new project or platform, we expect a few minor bumps along the way as our campus adjusts. The Web Team will make adjustments as necessary. Please send along any feedback, questions, or concerns to webteam@brockport.edu.

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