Integrating Leadership into Physiotherapy: A Global Opportunity

Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson (Department of Healthcare Studies) and her colleagues Dr. Emma Stokes (Ireland; President, World Physiotherapy), Emer McGowan (Ireland), and Laura Deveaux (Canada), presented a virtual program at the Canadian Physiotherapy Association’s 2022 Congress.

In this program, “Integrating Leadership into Physiotherapy: A Global Opportunity”, the panel of experts emphasized the importance of developing non-positional or personal leadership at all levels of healthcare.

This presentation was significant because evolving healthcare practice calls for physiotherapists to demonstrate leadership to shape future clinical practice. Given constrained resources and the need to prioritize care, physiotherapists must be able “to lead” in order to advocate successfully for the patient/client and to influence change at the individual, team, and organizational levels to achieve optimal outcomes.

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Laura Brodie:

Posted: May 18, 2022