Megan Sarkis Elected to Spencerport Board of Education

Brockport’s own Megan Sarkis was recently elected to Spencerport’s Board of Education garnering more votes (825) than any other candidate.

According to Spencerport Central School District’s website:

The three candidates elected to the Board of Education were: Megan Sarkis (825); Gary Bracken (811); and Michael Miceli (721). The unsuccessful candidates received votes as follows: Christopher Spallina (602) Michael Mayer (469). 

With highschool curriculum under much scrutiny, we are very fortunate to have someone with Megan’s expertise in such a high-profile position at a local school district. 

Please join me in congratulating Megan on her exciting accomplishment!

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Robert Wyant:

Posted: May 18, 2022