Votes Due May 20: Bylaws Revisions for College Senate

Faculty and Professional staff are asked to endorse Bylaws Revisions developed during 2021-22 and overwhelmingly approved by College Senate. A 2/3 majority of at least 25% eligible voter turnout is needed. The ballot will remain open until Friday, May 20.

Via email, Faculty and Professional Staff will find their personalized link to the Qualtrics ballot for the 2022 SUNY Brockport College Senate Bylaws Revision Proposal.  These proposed revisions to the College Senate Bylaws were developed over a year-long process by the Bylaws Revision Committee of the College Senate, and then overwhelmingly approved in a meeting of the College Senate.

Proposed revisions to the Bylaws are subject to ratification by you, the Faculty and Staff of the SUNY Brockport. If approved by a 2/3 majority of at least 25% of eligible voters, the amendments will be adopted.

Each proposed amendment begins with a brief description and rationale, followed by the exact text of the amendment. On the first page of the survey, there is also a link to the full report of the Bylaws Revision Committee.  The revisions are divided into twelve distinct proposals, and you will be prompted concerning whether you endorse each one.  Please make a selection for all 12.

As a brief preview/summary, here are headlines of the 12 proposed revisions:

  1. Update the name of the institution to SUNY Brockport, clarify various definitions, and update gendered to gender-neutral language.
  2. Change the specifics of Senators-at-Large.
  3. Determine the number of units of representation.
  4. Convert elected Senators from academic Units of Representation that are discontinued to Senators-at-Large
  5. Prevent Senate Presidents from appointing members of their department as standing committee chairs if they supervise or report to them.
  6. Alphabetize committee names and add Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee as a Standing Committee.
  7. Changes to the Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.
  8. Changes to the Changes to the Committee on General Education Curriculum and Policies
  9. Changes to the Committee on the Graduate Curriculum and Policies
  10. Changes to the Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies
  11. Ratification of Typographic Changes to the Bylaws
  12. Separate out the Standing Rules

This link in your email inbox (if you are Faculty or Professional Staff) allows you to vote once. The fact that you voted will be recorded in Qualtrics, but the content of your vote will not be attached to your name. 

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Jason R Morris:

Posted: May 13, 2022