Upcoming Freeze on Non-Essential Web Updates

There will be a college-wide freeze on non-essential website updates from June 15-August 22.

The Web Team is in the midst of converting the SUNY Brockport website to a new Content Management System (CMS). The new CMS will be more user-friendly, will create more flexibility to design and implement new website features, and will create significant cost savings.

This migration is taking place over the summer months to minimize disruption. To help ensure that the site is converted to the new CMS accurately there will be a college-wide freeze on making non-essential website updates from June 15 until August 22.

Please plan to make any known non-essential website updates prior to June 15 to avoid the pre-semester rush. If you are aware of any essential website updates that will need to take place during the freeze please notify the Web Team (webteam@brockport.edu) as soon as possible so we can plan appropriately.

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John Follaco: jfollaco@brockport.edu

Posted: May 12, 2022