Six Things to Know About Course Migration from Blackboard to Brightspace

Here are six things faculty should know about their courses and course content as Brockport moves to the new learning management system called Brightspace and answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Six Things to Know About Course Migration:

  1. The ASIS (Academic Systems & Instructional Support) Team is ready to support you.
  2. Clean up your current course content by removing redundancies and broken links.
  3. Kaltura (My Media), VoiceThread, Respondus, and additional third-party tools will be available in Brightspace, including any pre-existing content.
  4. Access to Brightspace will be available soon – per future Daily Eagle announcements.
  5. You will notice the migrated content looks different. Plan to review every component of your migrated courses: every assignment, web link, video, test, etc., how it looks, and what is missing. Expect that some courses will not come in perfectly and will need some redesign work.
  6. Faculty can sign up to use Brightspace in Fall 2022 by submitting a request for Brightspace Fall 2022 Course Shell or Import.


My Fall courses are already available and populated in Blackboard. Does this mean that I have to teach using Blackboard?

ANSWER: Fall courses were loaded in Blackboard as they always have been in the past. Faculty can choose to use Brightspace in the Fall. In fact, we strongly encourage faculty to request a Brightspace Fall 2022 Course Shell or Import for each of their courses.

If I want to use Brightspace in the Fall, how do I request my courses be initiated and populated (with students and content)?

ANSWER: Submit a formal request for a Brightspace Fall 2022 Course Shell or Import as soon as possible. You will be asked to identify the specific courses.

If I choose to use Brightspace, what can I do now to be ready?

ANSWER: First, sign up for SUNY Brightspace Training. Second, Prepare Your Blackboard Course for Migration to Brightspace. Third, Request an Appointment with an Instructional Designer.

WHEN will I be expected to do the changeover work?

ANSWER: You will have an opportunity to work in at least a development course shell shortly before the end of May. This should provide insight into how much time you might need to complete the changeover process. The ASIS team will be available in the summer to assist with redesign and development.

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