Political Science Student Serve as Mock Trial Jurors

Brockport students leaving campus at 7 am on April 30 bound for University at Buffalo
Eight students served as mock jurors for UB Law School’s mock trial on Saturday, April 30. Several local attorneys served as evaluators and our students had a chance to collaborate with them during their “deliberations.”
Per our adjunct instructor, Christine Seppeler, “Hosted at the University at Buffalo, there were two different trials: a criminal trial where the top count was arson and a companion civil suit against the insurance provider for breach of contract (in the fact pattern the insurance company didn’t pay because they alleged the fire was intentional, not accidental).
Our students were professional, engaged, and represented SUNY Brockport well. This all-day, high-impact event exposed our students to the application of law in a trial setting and was a great learning experience outside the classroom.”
Sponsored by the Political Science Department.

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Steve Jurek: sjurek@brockport.edu

Posted: May 02, 2022