Department of Environmental Science & Ecology Attend the NY State Wetlands Forum

Several members of the Department of Environmental Science and Ecology attended and presented research at the NY State Wetlands Forum Annual Conference in Clayton, NY April 26-27, 2022.

Paper Presentations: 

Lexi Belleville- “Assessing Suvivorship of Planted and Seeded Species within Restored Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands.” 

Kevin Killigrew- “Using Floating Treatment Wetlands to Remove Nutrients and Restore Meadow Marsh Habitats in Wetland Systems.”

Andie Graham- “Using Mechanical and Chemical Treatment to Control the Invasive Grass Slender False-brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum) from a Western NY Wetland Complex.”

Poster Presentations:

Andrew Spagnuolo- “The Ravines of Hemlock Lake.”

Dan Beers- “Evaluating Effects of Braddock Bay Barrier Beach Restoration on Water Quality and Trophic State.”

Grace Dowdall- “Changes in Plant Community Composition Post-Emerald Ash Borer Invasion.”

Andie Graham- “Brachypodium Management Initiative.” 

Lexi and Kevin are graduate students advised by Dr. Rachel Schultz, Andrew is a graduate student advised by Dr. Paul Richards (Earth Science), Dan is a graduate student advised by Dr. Michael Chislock, and Grace is an undergraduate student advised by Andie Graham. 

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Andie Graham:

Posted: April 29, 2022