Teacher Education Graduate Student Earns Outstanding Adult Student Award

Carly Fox, a graduate student in the Social Studies Adolescence Inclusive Education Generalist Program, was nominated by Dr. Jie Zhang and received the Rochester Area Colleges Continuing Education 2021/2022 Outstanding Adult Student Award.

Carly received the recognition because of her “exemplification of the intelligence, motivation, and responsibility/management skills that adult students must possess to be exceptional at SUNY Brockport” (RACCE Award Committee, 2022). Transitioning from her previous career as a successful community organizer, Carly has been motivated to come back to school to become certified as a high school Social Studies teacher because she loves to work with young people, who bring joy, energy, and hope. She wants to inspire her students to become change agents, organizers, and activists, who will change the world for a better place (Fox, 2022).

Advice from Carly to her fellow students: “Follow your passion, always stay curious, work hard and play hard.”

Heartfelt thanks go to Wendy Welling and the RACCE Award Committee for their work! Carly and the other award recipients celebrated their achievements together with their mentors, families, and friends at the RACCE OAS Award Virtual Banquet on April 20, 2022.

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Laura Brodie: lbrodie@brockport.edu

Posted: April 21, 2022