Environmental Science & Ecology Professor Emeritus & Alum Publish Paper

Department of Environmental Science and Ecology Emeritus Professor Doug Wilcox and alum John Bateman published a peer-reviewed paper in Wetlands.

Dr. Douglas Wilcox (Professor Emeritus) and John Bateman (BS and MS in the Department of Environmental Science and Ecology) published a peer-reviewed article in the journal Wetlands that used vegetation sampling and aerial photointerpretation to describe how wetland topography coupled with lake-level history to determine the percent of a Lake Michigan wetland in sedge/grass meadow vegetation in years dating back to 1965. The results apply to many wetlands across the Great Lakes basin.

Wilcox, D.A., Bateman, J.A., Kowalski, K.P., Meeker, J.E., and Dunn, N. 2022. Extent of sedge-grass meadow in a Lake Michigan drowned river mouth wetland dictated by topography and lake level. Wetlands 42:34.

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Jacques Rinchard: jrinchar@brockport.edu

Posted: April 11, 2022