Stadium Road Shut Down

Our Press Box left Tennessee on April 6 and began a multi-day trip to its perch atop the home bleachers at Shriver Stadium. We are currently anticipating its arrival Monday, April 11 or Tuesday April 12.

When it arrives,  Stadium Road will have to shut down while the driver maneuvers the Box into position so that the crane can place it upon the structural steel. We anticipate this shut down to be short, however, we wish to let the campus community be able to plan accordingly.

Please try to plan your travels on campus appropriately, using Holley Street and Residence Drive. As the date gets closer, we hope to be able to give you a more accurate time of when the Press Box will arrive, but with traffic and weather, we are only estimating at this point.   

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we Build a Better Brockport.

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Mike Baird:

Posted: April 08, 2022