Mandatory Daily Symptom Checker Reminder

To comply with NYS guidelines, all employees must fill out a short Daily Symptom Checker each workday that is used to identify if you have experienced symptoms in the past 24 hours that are new or unusual for you.

As part of its ongoing efforts to combat COVID-19, SUNY Brockport has launched a web-based Daily Symptom Checker to ensure members of our community are symptom free.

This very brief survey will take seconds to fill out but will allow SUNY Brockport to comply with state guidelines and, most importantly, help keep our community healthy. Please fill out this form each work day, identifying if you have experienced symptoms in the past 24 hours that are new or not unusual for you

All employees are asked to fill out the Daily Symptom Checker each workday — regardless of whether or not that individual is physically reporting to campus. Should an employee be on vacation or any other type of leave a supervisor has the authority to grant a waiver to that individual for up to 90 days.

Links to the Daily Symptom Checker, as well as video tutorials for employees and supervisors, are below. Moving forward, a link to the Daily Symptom Checker can be found on the Bringing Brockport Back website.

Daily Symptom Checker

Supervisor Video Tutorial

Employee Video Tutorial

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Debbie Eggebrecht:

Posted: February 11, 2021