National Public Health Week - World Health Day: Health is a Human Right

At least half the population cannot access basic services of health care. Many people in the world are spending at least 10% of their income on their health-related expenditures pushing more households further into poverty.

We can stay informed and speak out when it comes to issues with human rights. We should urge legislators to support funding for health care for all. Human rights are connected to how diseases spread and can impact communities. Through advocacy and legal action, we have seen change in populations of people living with diseases demanding equality and protection of their right to health. Social determinants can also impact your health as where you are born can impact your access to healthcare along with lifestyle and disease prospects. Racism, stigma, and discrimination are setbacks to health that create unfair disadvantages. When we are active in accessing our own care, we can help our health systems become more efficient, which can lead to better health outcomes for everyone. 

Check out for more information and to view webinars and articles that can provide you with more information to get involved. 

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Shayna Caves:

Posted: April 06, 2022