Nesting Birds Return to Campus

With spring comes bird migration and nesting season. Naturally, we all want our feathered friends to thrive, and it’s often tempting to get closer for a better look. The best thing we can do is provide them with their privacy and plenty of space.

Spring is here, and that means that nesting birds have returned to campus. You may see evidence of this in the form of two mallards waddling across the street, Canadian geese strutting by the Liberal Arts Building, or bluebirds sitting on high-tension wires. What an exciting time to be alive.

Naturally, we all want these birds to thrive, and it’s often tempting to get closer for a better look. 

But, the best thing you can do is provide these birds with plenty of space. Avoid approaching, feeding, or otherwise disturbing them. While some birds act territorial when their nesting space is violated, others may engage in “broken wing” displays and pretend to be injured. This is an attempt to distract a potential predator and lure them away from chicks in the nest. These behaviors can tire the bird out, leave the nest unattended, and reduce the likelihood of a successful nesting season. Moving away when this happens is the right move for you and the bird.

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Nick Pitas:

Posted: April 06, 2022