Thank You from the Middle States Leadership Team

The Leadership Team for Middle States reaccreditation wishes to thank the campus community for its unfailing commitment to excellence through the Self-Study process.

The Oral Exit Report delivered by the visiting Middle States Evaluation Team on Wednesday, April 6, marks a major milestone in the reaccreditation cycle, a process that promotes institutional excellence and continuous improvement.

The campus community has engaged thoughtfully and diligently in this process from the very beginning. The first call for participants for Working Groups in fall 2019 was met with an abundance of volunteers, so many that not all could be assigned to a group lest the group become too large to meet. Overall, almost 100 people served directly in one of these groups.

In the ensuing two-and-a-half years, every single request for data, information, insight, feedback, leadership, and assistance was met promptly and cheerfully. For example, we know that over 120 individuals (beyond the members of the various working groups and committees) provided thoughtful feedback on the draft report in the spring of 2021, and over 200 individuals agreed to meet with members of the visiting Evaluation Team during this enormously busy time of the semester. Brockport Student Government (BSG), College Senate, College Council, and President’s Cabinet all gave generous time to the process as well.

This genuine engagement led to a Self-Study Report that provides both ourselves and the Evaluation Team with a valuable set of applicable insights. The report and the process that produced it both exemplify the depth of our shared commitment to excellence and student success.

The final report of the Evaluation Team and subsequent actions by the Middle States Commission will be shared with the college community on the Middle States website.

As always, if you have questions, please contact the Self-Study co-chairs, Monica Brasted and/or Amy Guptill, or SUNY Brockport’s Accreditation Liaison Officer, Frances Dearing.

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Amy Guptill:

Posted: April 06, 2022