Education & Human Development Professor Receives Grant for Professional Development

Dr. Papia Bawa, Department of Education and Human Development, received the UUP IDA funding grant for professional development.

Dr. Papia Bawa received the UUP IDA funding for professional development through workshop attendance. For the faculty teaching in the MSID program, it is essential to keep competencies with regards to emerging technologies updated and to have the necessary credentials/ certifications that qualify them to not only use the technology to design courses but to also train students in the use of that technology. Thus, this funding provides an opportunity to enhance the technology background of the lead faculty of the ID program by attending a Technology workshop hosted by the Association for Talent Development, a non-profit organization serving development in workplace.

The workshop will result in earning professional certification. Dr. Bawa will be applying the upgraded professional development to develop training materials for students and other service areas. This has implications for all levels. Students and faculty who are well trained go in to serve clients and workplaces with their skills. Instructional design skills are in demand everywhere.

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Laura Brodie:

Posted: April 05, 2022