Update from the Joint Planning & Budget Committee

JPBC has recently received multiple presentations regarding budget and planning. Work is underway to review Investment Fund proposals and funding announcements are expected sometime in May.

The Joint Planning and Budget Committee (JPBC) is a presidential advisory committee representing the college community. It serves as the institutional oversight body to ensure that institutional goals and division level planning and budgeting are interlinked and informed by assessment to advance the strategic goals and priorities established in Building a Better Brockport, the strategic plan for the College. The committee meets on select Thursdays from 8:30 - 10:30 am throughout the academic year. Meetings are open and the SUNY Brockport community is encouraged to attend. Also, each month activities of the committee are shared by way of the Daily Eagle.

Recently, JPBC received presentations on fee-based budgets, updates on Middle States visit preparations, and division budget reports, and it voted to endorse the College’s newly drafted strategic plan. In February, JPBC announced a call for Investment Fund proposals, and a subcommittee is now in progress reviewing those proposals. Announcements about funding are expected sometime in May. JPBC co-chairs Jim Wall and Darson Rhodes are preparing for a forthcoming Budget Town Hall. Details on the date and time will be announced in the near future.

In April, two meetings are planned for the 7 and 21 in Teams at 8:30 am which will include an update on campus based fee review, 5-year financial model update, undergraduate and graduate enrollment updates, a report from the Department of Kinesiology, Sports Studies and Physical Education about the management of the College’s swimming pool, and budget reports from Brockport Student Government (BSG), Brockport Auxiliary Services Corporation (BASC), and Dormitory Income Fund Reimbursable (DIFR). The Teams links will be provided in the Daily Eagle in the days preceding the meetings.

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Darson Rhodes: drhodes@brockport.edu

Posted: April 04, 2022