Seeking Fall 2022 CELT All Program Proposals


Have an idea or hot topic in mind for a program? Maybe you are interested in facilitating a Faculty Learning Community or a Literary Eagles program? Proposals are now being accepted for 2022-23 academic year programs with CELT.

Check out the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching website for programs and proposal forms for Fall 2022- due July 29, 2022.

Workshops, Literary Eagles, Faculty Learning Communities, Sponsorship for the Faculty Success Program with NCFDD, and more- put in a proposal today at 

CELT Website

Have an idea but are not sure how to propose it or have questions - connect with Lynda Cochran, CELT Director at or (585) 395-5088.

The center is open, stop by and say hello!

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Author: Lynda Cochran


Posted: May 17, 2022