Hear from your Faculty & Staff Campaign Co-Chairs

Take a minute to hear why campaign co-chairs, Lynda Cochran, PhD, Joshua M. Fegley, EdD, and Laura Coriddi support their favorite Brockport programs each year and then, *spring* into action!

Please join us in Celebrating Community through this year’s Faculty and Staff Campaign! See your colleagues and campaign co-chairs share their insight on the campaign

Next, consider making a gift of your own to an area on campus that is special to you. Regardless of where you give, know your gift is to our students.

We all know that sometimes our students find themselves in dire circumstances and have nowhere else to turn for help. In those moments, philanthropy steps in and reverses devastating situations. By giving what we can, we become a part of the solution, and we give our students the fighting chance they deserve.

If you have any questions about making an impact through this year’s Faculty and Staff Campaign, please contact Nicole Dumbleton, Engagement Officer, or visit our webpage.

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Nicole Dumbleton: ndumblet@brockport.edu

Posted: March 30, 2022