Change in Student Union Leadership & Structure

The Student Union will have a new name and department leader.

The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs is excited to announce that Karen Podsiadly will serve as the Director of Student Union Leadership & Activities. What was once known as two separate departments, has been consolidated into one department that will house these focus areas:

  • Student Union Operations
  • Student Activities
  • Leadership & Democratic Engagement
  • Intercultural Center
  • Brockport Student Government

To refocus and re-energize the work around student engagement, the department will hire the following staff:

  • Associate Director for Leadership & Democratic Engagement
  • Associate Director for Student Union Programming
  • Assistant Director of Student Union Facilities.

During the transition, students, faculty, and staff can expect the same level of services and support throughout the semester. Please direct any questions or concerns to Karen Podsiadly at 

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Karen Podsiadly:

Posted: March 25, 2022