Update on UUP Individual Development Awards

The UUP/JLMC individual development awards review is complete and awaiting approval from the state.

Thanks to all who submitted applications for this year’s UUP/JLMC Individual Development Awards. We received a record number of applications that included very many exciting proposals. We know many applicants are anxious to hear whether they have received an award.

At this time, the on campus review process has been completed and submitted to the state for approval. This is a new step in the process which means the notifications might be a little later than typical. Please know we are expecting to receive approvals quite soon and will send out notifications as quickly as possible thereafter.

UUP would like to thank Justine Briggs and her team for their stellar work in coordinating the application/notification process, and Crystal Hallenbeck and Chelsea Donnelly who are preparing to assist awardees to access their funds.

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Susan Orr: sorr@brockport.edu

Posted: March 23, 2022