Ukraine University Reconvenes COIL class

The Department of Political Science’s COIL class with Ukrainian University reconvenes despite Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine.

When the full-scale invasion by Russia broke out on February 24, obviously the collaborative class between Dr. Jurek’s Russian Politics class and the University in Ukraine was suspended. As the escalation continued and moved westward, unreliable contact via email and WhatsApp resulted, then altogether stopped. Surprisingly, three weeks later, contact was re-established. Dr. Jurek’s counterpart in Ukraine, Olena Kovalchuk, who escaped to Warsaw, then Paris, and now in Brussels, relayed that her school sought to continue all classes online.

Despite her students scattered around Eastern Europe, and to our astonishment, the Zoom class reconvened on March 21 and the collaborative project began anew. In the face of the heart-wrenching refugee stories, Ukrainian resolve to persevere rang out. In some small way, perhaps our efforts to simulate Ukrainian accession to the European Union offers a positive distraction from the Russian atrocities being committed to their homeland. It is truly remarkable that they are willing to collaborate with us still and that our students are getting first-hand exposure to the realities of war.

If you or your students wish to ask questions or listen in on our next class, Monday at 10 am, please email Steve Jurek for the Zoom link.

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Steve Jurek:

Posted: March 22, 2022