Student Teaching Candidates Participate in Classroom Management Workshop

Dr. Jie Zhang and student teaching candidates in the Childhood Inclusive Education Program participated in a workshop on classroom management offered by Stephen Fiorino and Lauren Combo at Hill Elementary School.

Stephen Fiorino, a fourth-grade teacher, and Lauren Combo, Assistant Principal at Hill Elementary School, welcomed Dr. Jie Zhang and her student teaching candidates in Fiorino’s classroom and presented a workshop on classroom management. The two educators shared their experience and expertise on classroom management, provided comprehensive resources, and offered practical suggestions to the College’s student teachers. Fiorino has been offering this classroom management workshop to Brockport student teachers since Spring 2018.

Assistant Principal Combo welcomes student teachers and teacher candidates to apply for job opportunities at Brockport Central School District (e.g., building substitutes, per diem substitutes, and teacher aides). For more information call (585) 637-1915.

This event helped strengthen the partnership between Brockport Central School District and SUNY Brockport, and contributed to the College’s Strategic Plan Goal 2: To be a College Engaged with its Community as well as Goal 1: To be a Great College at Which to Learn.

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Jie Zhang:

Posted: March 15, 2022