April 2022: Film Titles Expiring from Kanopy

Streaming films made available to instructors and students on Kanopy expire exactly one year after access was previously purchased. See what titles are expiring April 2022.

To avoid the potential of a title’s access ending unexpectedly, Drake Library has added the date it is available until to each Kanopy record in the library search.

If any are still required viewing for a course, please either use Ask a Librarian or contact Dana Laird.

Film titles that will expire in April:

  • States of Grace - An Inspiring Journey of Resilience, and Renewal (April 2)
  • In Whose Honor? - American Indian Mascots in Sports (April 5)
  • Who Owns the Past? (April 6)
  • Tough Guise 2 - Violence, Manhood & American Culture (April 20)
  • Welcome (April 29)
  • The 400 Blows / Les quatre cents coups (April 29)
  • The Dinner Game (April 30)

Film titles that have already expired (January-March):

  • Stopping for Death: The Nurses of Wells Hospital (January 21)
  • Holy Motors (January 21)
  • Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty (January 21)
  • Care: Care Workers, Their Clients, and a Coming Crisis
  • Soledad (February 11)
  • White Like Me: Race, Racism, and White Privilege in America (February 16) 
  • Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling - Process, Leadership, and Supervision (March 2)
  • I Learn America (March 2)
  • Monday’s Girls - Individualism and Community for African Women (March 2)
  • Man With A Movie Camera - Musical Accompaniment by The Alloy Orchestra (March 3)
  • World Tourism Case Studies (March 3)
  • Mariam - A Young Muslim Girl Comes of Age (March 5)
  • The Official Story - La historia oficial (March 12)
  • Owu: Chidi Joins the Okoroshi Secret Society (March 25)

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Dana Laird: dlaird@brockport.edu

Posted: March 08, 2022